Health and Lifestyle

Master Program (3 Months)


  • Evaluation of Previous Blood Panel (if you don't have this, your program will not start until your blood has been drawn! 😊 (But preparation for your goals does!)
  • 2 Comprehensive Blood Tests
  • 2 Urinalysis
  • 2 Functional Health Reports:
    Reports include recommended diet integrations, supplement integrations and strategic implementation on when to eat and when NOT to eat particular foods and when to take/not take supplements in order for acquiring the best bioavailability to optimize your metabolic health. 
  • Review Video: An overview of your test results for you to understand and refer back to.
  • Two 35-minute Zoom Calls for Initial Intake Call and Post-Lab call for evaluating test results.
  • Ten 15-minute Zoom Calls (Once Per Week) for physical/emotional check-ins, weekly check-in form evaluation, education resources to learn the scientific value of the steps you implement into your daily life.
  • 35% OFF Continuation Programs

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